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Eco friendly Writable kraft tape features and storage!

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Kraft paper tape manufacturers to introduce that we should all know ECO friendly kraft paper tape, in our lives, the probability of using it is also many.
With the development of express delivery industry, writable kraft paper tape has rapidly entered our field of vision. Of course, in our actual operation, we should also know the performance and function of writable kraft paper tape.
If we can ensure that the details of these aspects are in place, it would be better.
1. Properties of writable kraft paper tape
In fact, although many friends can use the writing kraft paper tape for operation, we should also know what kind of material he made, and what is the performance of the writable kraft paper tape.
Generally speaking, the viscosity of the writing kraft paper tape is relatively good. In addition, it has good tensile capacity. Of course, if the tensile force is relatively large, then it will not be so easy to break.
In addition, when we can write kraft paper tape in the field of vision, we should also see whether the materials used are contaminated. If there is pollution, it will certainly affect our use.
2. How to keep and transport the writable kraft paper tape
If you really use the writable kraft paper tape in the packaging industry, naturally, we should see what methods can be used to transport and preserve the adhesive tape. If we can not do the work in place, it will have a greater impact on its life. In addition, we should also control the temperature of the warehouse.
Otherwise, there may be some problems in the quality of the writable kraft paper tape, which is not what we hope to see. Therefore, we should solve these problems in actual use and operation.

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