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Why different colors of writable kraft paper tape

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When we buy writable kraft paper tape, we often find that the same kind of  Eco friendly  writable kraft paper tape sometimes has different chroma and hardness, which many people don't understand. 
They often think that the product quality level produced by the manufacturer of writable kraft paper tape is not uniform, or that the manufacturer has added different quality paper into the product to fill it well And so on. In fact, this idea is not necessarily correct, for the Eco friendly kraft paper tape will appear different color and hardness problems.
As we all know, the main raw material of the writable kraft paper tape is plant fiber, and the most common one is the writable kraft paper tape made from the wood fiber of coniferous trees, because the content of plant fiber will affect the hardness of the paper, and the higher the fiber content, the higher the hardness of the paper. In the process of papermaking, if raw materials such as rag bark are added, the toughness of the paper will be improved. Therefore, the fiber content of different varieties of trees is different, and the fiber content of trees in different regions is also different. Therefore, the hardness of the writable kraft paper tape produced is naturally different.
As for the color problem of kraft paper, there are many factors that affect it.
From the perspective of raw materials, the colors between trees are different, and different colors will be produced according to the age, season and region of trees. And in the process of papermaking, the temperature factor will also affect the color of the paper.
In addition, writable kraft paper tape in the manufacturing process will also have the dyeing process, then in the dyeing process, the different color proportion in the dye will lead to a certain color difference between the writable kraft paper tape products.

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