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static electricity in the printing of writable kraft paper tape!

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Writable kraft paper tape is a tough and water-resistant packaging paper.
It is brown yellow and has a wide range of uses. It is used in all kinds of printing, especially when the weather is dry.
During the printing process, the writing kraft paper tape will produce static electricity, resulting in non printing.
So, how to solve the problem of static electricity generated in the process of printing?
In printing, when the writing kraft paper tape is separated from the paper pile, it is transported under the friction between the paper conveying belt and the pressing wheel. Paper and paper, as well as between paper and machine, have been in a state of friction. The charge generated by friction.
When the electric charges are gathered, the adhesive tape of writing kraft paper carries an electric charge. When the writable kraft paper tape has the same polarity charge, the writing kraft paper tape repels each other, resulting in inaccurate overprint and uneven paper receiving during printing;
On the contrary, when there is a different kind of charge, it will lead to problems such as inaccurate double sheet and multi sheet overprint; the paper surface with static electricity is also easy to absorb some paper wool and dust. Therefore, it is very important to eliminate the static electricity of the paper when printing with writing kraft paper tape.
The method of eliminating static electricity with writable kraft paper tape:
1. Use electrostatic eliminator to eliminate: the electrostatic eliminator used on printing press includes inductive electrostatic eliminator and high-frequency high-voltage eliminator. It is better to install it near the drum.
2. The humidity of printing workshop is improved: the generation of static electricity is related to the humidity of operating environment. Generally, when the humidity of workshop is lower than 40%, it is easy to generate static electricity. Therefore, when printing, in order to prevent the generation of static electricity, sprinkle some water around the paper pile and machine, or use air humidifier to increase the humidity in the workshop.
3. Humidity control treatment of the writable kraft paper tape: when the water content of the writing kraft paper tape is low, the paper is easy to carry static electricity. When the static electricity of the paper is serious, it is necessary to stack the paper in a relatively humid environment for a period of time, but to prevent the lotus leaf phenomenon caused by serious moisture.

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