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The performance of wet kraft paper tape!

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-07-27 22:47
Brief introduction: wet water soluble fiber kraft paper tape adhesive tape: (reinforced kraft paper tape, tape with line) the adhesive tape is made of imported kraft paper and modified starch.
It can produce strong viscosity after wet water, and can seal the carton firmly. It is an environmental protection adhesive tape, adhesive tape and adhesive tape which adapts to the international development trend.
Brand name: kraft paper
Color: natural color, yellow, kraft paper color, white
Thickness: 0.18mm
Application: mainly used to replace BOPP tape, etc., used for packing and sealing cartons which require environmental protection.
Characteristics: This product is a green environmental protection product, with high initial adhesion, peeling degree, strong tensile strength and other characteristics. The base material and adhesive will not pollute the environment and can be recycled with the packaging materials.
Note: due to the different material and glue between wet kraft paper and PP adhesive tape, the following points should be paid attention to when using it:
1. Make sure that the glued surface is coated with proper amount of water. If some wet water paper does not stick after drying, please check whether the water is not enough or there is dust or oil stains on the box.
2. After sealing the carton, please level the wet paper to ensure there is no bubble.

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