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Degradable kraft paper characteristics of hot pressing kraft paper!

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Degradable kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that kraft paper market is extremely hot, not only ordinary pure wood pulp kraft paper and recycled kraft paper are welcomed by the market, but also special kraft paper is increasingly understood and recognized by people.
Taking PCB hot pressing kraft paper as an example, this special kraft paper, also known as high temperature hot pressing kraft paper, is mainly used to ensure the consumption quality of PCB circuit board. So what are the advantages of this new kraft paper?
First, the density of electronic hot pressing kraft paper is low. High temperature hot pressing kraft paper is characterized by low density and low tightness, which can improve the absorption and relaxation of paper. (the working environment of high temperature hot pressing kraft paper is usually under the high temperature of 190-220 and the pressure of 2.5MPa. )
Second, electronic hot pressing kraft paper kraft paper has excellent water absorption. PCB laminated kraft paper needs better water absorption. The water absorption property of paper can be expressed by the water absorption height, which only depends on the pore diameter and porosity of paper. The proportion of pulp, the density of paper and the pH value of pulp are all the factors that affect the water absorption of paper.
Thirdly, the average of kraft paper is better. PCB kraft paper and PCB circuit board aluminum foil touch directly. In order to ensure the quality of PCB aluminum foil, the paper is required to have excellent average.

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