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Notice for transportation of writable kraft paper tape

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-05-09 22:15
writable kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that kraft paper tape is often used in industry and life. What needs to be paid attention to in the process of transportation and application?
1. When transporting kraft paper tape, waterproof measures shall be taken, especially in rainy days.
2. When transporting the master roll of kraft paper tape, handle it with care to ensure that the kraft paper tape is clean and tidy.
3. In use, the outer layer of kraft paper tape needs to be wrinkled or unclean disposed, and then it is cut and used.
4. The cut paper needs to be packed with kraft paper tape before transportation to prevent wrinkling and edge warping.
5. Kraft paper tape needs to be placed in a dry environment, so as not to affect the use of products due to the humid environment.
There are many varieties of kraft linerboard, and its use is very common. Therefore, we need to choose the right variety according to our practice.

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