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How long time for eco friendly kraft paper tape to degrade!

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writable kraft paper tape manufacturers, general transparent packaging tape natural degradation how long?
The express packaging industry usually uses ordinary transparent tape as the packaging data. According to the schedule of outdoor waste natural degradation provided above, the ordinary transparent tape belongs to the plastic category. Therefore, the ordinary transparent tape needs to spend 100-200 years to complete the degradation.
Transparent packaging tape
How long does it take for kraft paper tape to degrade naturally?
Kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as the base material, and the natural degradation time of paper outdoors is 3-4 months, so the natural degradation time of kraft paper tape needs 3-4 months.
However, the natural degradation of common transparent tape in the outdoor environment takes hundreds of years to complete degradation.
Therefore, kraft paper tape is more environmentally friendly than common transparent packaging tape.
Kraft paper itself is a very environmentally friendly material. Compared with plastic, even if it is directly discarded in the natural environment, it will not form a very serious problem of pollution and destruction of the ecological environment. The main reason is that kraft paper is not as difficult to degrade as plastic, and it can be integrated with nature after a long time.
In addition, kraft paper has other uses. For example, food grade kraft paper can be used to make food packaging bags directly contact with food. This high-quality kraft paper can also stop recycling after use, so don't throw it away at will.
After being recycled, kraft paper will be converted into recycled pulp through multiple processes. After being disposed, the recycled pulp can consume all kinds of household paper, toilet paper, etc. The re application of this material can save cost and make great contribution to the maintenance of the environment.
Therefore, kraft paper is a rare environmental protection information.

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