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What technical specifications of kraft paper tape?

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Wet kraft paper tape factory introduced that the main technical indicators of kraft paper and kraft linerboard are generally divided into bursting resistance, ring pressure strength, quantitative and thickness, as well as moisture, etc. Let's introduce one by one.
Bursting resistance: it is an indicator of physical strength and the maximum pressure on paper and paper per unit area. We use the unit of kPa to express it.

Sometimes we look at the bursting strength of a piece of paper. We judge the bursting strength by tearing it by hand. Of course, we can also test the bursting strength of kraft paper and kraft linerboard with professional instruments.
Ring compression strength: This is the maximum compression force on the edge of the ring plate when it is pressed until it is cracked. We usually use the unit of kn / m to express it.
Quantitative: quantitative simple point is the weight of paper. Which is the mass per square meter. Unit we use g / m2. This should be the best understanding and the most frequently asked.
Moisture: kraft paper and kraft linerboard between 6% and 8% belong to the standard of normal moisture.

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