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Advantages&disadvantages of coated kraft paper!

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The ECO friendly kraft tape manufacturer to introduce that There are many kinds of coated kraft paper, such as white coated kraft paper, light coated kraft paper and so on.
But they are different. For example, the thicker the coated kraft paper is, the better the printing effect, while the white faced kraft paper pursues a matte effect.
ght coated kraft paper pursues a thinner coating.
The light coated kraft paper we want to focus on is coated with a thin layer on both sides, which makes kraft paper have excellent rheology and water retention.
Although there are also manufacturers of light coated kraft paper in China, due to the limitations of technology and consumer equipment, the domestic light coated kraft paper is relatively worse than the imported one.
Therefore, better quality imported light coated kraft paper is very popular in the market.
No matter how excellent the products are, they will have excellent defects, and light coated kraft paper is no exception.
Its advantage lies in its low price and high cost performance, and it has good opacity and war smoothness.
The printing effect is excellent, and the effect of color printing can be compared with that of copper plate paper.
The defect is that the durability is small, and the printed matter is not easy to keep for a long time, so the compliance range of light coating is small.
In order to improve the printing compliance of light coating, super matte process is usually involved in the manufacturing process.
Due to the limitation of light coating performance, many packaging and printing companies are always cautious about its application.
In fact, we can deal with this problem through the collocation of different materials.
For example, for magazines, we can also use more durable coated kraft paper for the cover, and light coated kraft paper with lower cost for the inner page.

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