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Kraft paper tape features!

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Wet kraft paper tape manufacturers introduced that viscose products are a kind of products that we can not lack in our livelihood, not only we will use in our livelihood, many businesses and manufacturers also have a great demand for viscose products. Maybe master's house is equipped with transparent tape for use. Maybe master's familiarity with tape is limited to several products that we usually use. Originally, there are many kinds of adhesive tape, and the unused adhesive tape has not promoted the efficiency in the same scope. Let's get the kraft tape.
Original characteristics of kraft paper tape
Tape is a product we are all familiar with. Because we often use it in our livelihood. But most people usually have little contact with kraft paper tape. (wet water reinforced kraft paper tape ) is a kind of tape with kraft paper as the base material, modified starch as the adhesive and non-toxic, dry and non corrosive high-strength glass fiber central diamond and longitudinal composite fiber at the entrance. It can produce strong viscosity after wet water. It can be used for tough sealing of cartons. It is an environmental protection tape in line with the international development trend.
The product has the characteristics of high initial adhesion, high peeling strength and strong tensile force. Its base material and adhesive will not form infection for the situation and can be resurrected with the package. It is important to replace BOPP tape for the use of case sealing and binding.
Important uses of kraft paper tape: it is mainly used for the sealing of all kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic boxes, as well as the bonding and concealment of all kinds of plates in construction industry.

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