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Difference between domestic and imported kraft paper tape?

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writable kraft paper tape manufacturers to intorduce that  more than 120 grams of kraft paper called Kraft linerboard, kraft linerboard is thicker than kraft paper, many printing and packaging factories are also used to collectively called Kraft linerboard, kraft linerboard is generally brown yellow, nature, primary color, coloring, light color, red, white and so on.
Kraft linerboard is divided into full wood kraft linerboard, half wood kraft linerboard and recycled Kraft linerboard. There are also imported kraft linerboard and domestic Kraft linerboard. The imported kraft linerboard is usually double-sided. The domestic Kraft linerboard is usually single-sided. The imported kraft linerboard includes American stone Kraft linerboard, American GP Kraft linerboard, American Huihao Kraft linerboard, American PCA Kraft linerboard, American Kraft linerboard, Russian white kraft linerboard, Russia Sky South Africa white noodles Kraft linerboard. Domestic Kraft linerboard includes double-sided Red Bull, double-sided light bull, nine dragons Kraft linerboard, Liwen Kraft linerboard, Jianhui Kraft linerboard, Jinzhou Kraft linerboard, Jiamusi Kraft linerboard, Xinda Kraft linerboard, high-quality Kraft linerboard, etc.

The difference between domestic Kraft linerboard and imported kraft linerboard is large. Domestic Kraft linerboard is generally recycled paper, such as nine dragon Liwen, and imported kraft linerboard is generally wood pulp Kraft linerboard, such as American niuoka Australian Kraft linerboard. In terms of color, domestic Kraft linerboard nine dragon Niuka is slightly redder in front than Liwen Niuka, and imported kraft linerboard is darker black and darker yellow in color, of course, American Niuka is imported After all, there are three or four brands of kraft linerboard. Different brands may have some color differences. It is suggested that customers use American Kraft linerboard to make color boxes. When making frozen food packaging boxes, if there is a request for color, proofing and color matching should be done first. The materials of different brands of American Kraft linerboard are not different. After all, they are made of wood pulp.

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