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What factors determine the quality of kraft paper tape?

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What factors determine the quality of kraft paper tape products?
Sealing tape for joints, transparent tape information is to use cellophane, kraft paper, polypropylene film, etc. Apply pressure sensitive adhesive
Coating on one or both sides of the substrate, the defect is that the edge of the tape is easy to tear.
In order to prevent this defect, a high-strength polyester film substrate was used. However, the cost of polyester film substrate is high,
It is difficult to be widely used.
Recently, corrugated board is used as seal, base material, multi-purpose paper, cloth, polypropylene and PVC film. To apply on one or both sides
Hot melt adhesive. The strength of paper base material is not high, but the transparent tape material with different plastic film or textile reinforced paper base material is not

It's easy to break by hand, so it's not easy to use. Transparent plastic tape for polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride (PU) substrate
High and low temperature brittleness.
The base materials of PE and PVC have higher rigidity, tensile modulus and elongation of 5%. Tape based on this information
Used as a seal for frozen food containers at lower temperatures.
The tape will be stripped due to tensile stress on the uneven surface of the customer area.
Although the tensile strength of the transparent tape material is still very high, it is easy to make the tape broken by hand. This kind of transparent tape
Data is cheap and easy to implement. The consumption process is simple and cold resistant.
High density polyethylene (density greater than 0.94% g / cm 3) and a tensile ratio of 6:1 are used in the transverse and longitudinal direction of the tape.
The polyethylene substrate is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive.
On the other hand, the transparent tape is coated with another layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive. A layer of paper can be clamped on HDPE film and pressure sensitive
Between adhesives.
Regardless of the type of tape, it is important that the HDPE density of the tape is greater than 0.94% g / cm 3, and
The tensile ratio between longitudinal and longitudinal direction should be more than 6 times, preferably more than 10 times. The density of HDPE shall not be less than 0.94% g / cm 3
The reason is to ensure that the substrate has high transverse strength at low temperature.
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