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writable kraft paper tape: kraft paper tape use common knowledge!

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writable(NO PE)  kraft paper tape manufacturers to the introduce 
What is the change of the performance of the belt in the high and low temperature environment?
When the temperature rises, the glue and foam will soften, the bonding strength will decrease, but the adhesion force will be better. As the temperature decreases, the strip hardens and the adhesive strength increases, but the adhesive property becomes worse. Tape performance will follow
The temperature returns to normal and the original value.
How to remove parts after they are pasted?
Generally speaking, this is very difficult unless it is released in a very short time. Before removal, the surface of some softening glue must be injected to soften it enough to peel it off or to cut the foam with a knife or other tool. Glue and foam
Residues can be easily removed with 3M special cleaner or other solvents.
Can the tape be lifted and then pasted again?
If the component is pressed only with a small amount of force, it can be lifted and then re secured. However, if it is completely compressed, it is difficult to split it. The glue may be contaminated and needs to be replaced again. If parts
After a long time, it's hard to take it out and usually replace the whole part.
How long before the tape can be removed?
The air has little effect on the glue, but the dust in the air will contaminate the surface of the glue, thus reducing the gender of the tape, so the shorter the exposure time of the glue in the air, the better.

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