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Why is ECO friendl writable kraft tape more popular?

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According to the introduction of the manufacturers of  writable kraft Gummed  paper tape, Eco-friendly Gummed writable Kraft Paper Tape has always been a topic of great importance, especially in recent years, the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and people's pursuit of environmental protection is also constantly improving.

As an environmental protection packaging material, kraft paper tape has attracted more and more people's attention. Especially in recent years, with the increasing awareness of kraft paper tape, kraft paper tape has become the choice of more and more enterprises' product packaging. So what kind of charm of kraft paper tape packaging is worth pursuing?
The first packaging carton manufacturers should start from kraft paper tape itself to analyze kraft paper tape as a packaging material.
Kraft paper tape is superior in stiffness, burst resistance and moisture resistance. It can not only satisfy the packaging of metal goods but also liquid packaging. The diversity of environmental protection packaging of kraft paper tape makes kraft paper tape meet the needs of many product packaging.
Secondly, kraft paper tape packaging is unique in style, which wins many people's love for its refined and elegant retro style. Because kraft paper tape packaging does not require full page printing, it only needs simple lines to outline the aesthetic feeling of the product, greatly reducing the printing cost and reducing the production cost and production cycle of the packaging.

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