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The characteristics of writable kraft paper tape!

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Writable Kraft paper tape is based on kraft paper, one side of which is coated with glue to form adhesive tape, which is widely used in transportation industry and office.
Characteristics of kraft paper tape
1. Self adhesive kraft paper tape is made of coated kraft paper and coated with acrylic glue or natural rubber glue. It has water-proof, strong viscosity, high tensile strength, good retention, no edge warping and stable weather resistance.
2. Wet water-based kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as the base material, coated with edible plant starch, which produces viscosity after passing through water. It has environmental protection, no pollution, recyclable renewable resources, anti unpacking, high viscosity, long shelf life, and long-term and effective viscosity without moisture.
Classification of kraft paper tape
Kraft paper tape is classified as kraft paper free tape, high temperature resistant kraft paper tape, wet kraft paper tape, white kraft paper tape, laminated kraft paper tape, etc.
Wet kraft paper tape can be used for printing; non kraft paper tape is made of high strength kraft paper as base material and coated with thermosensitive adhesive. Wet kraft paper tape is made of kraft paper as base material and modified starch as adhesive. It must be wet to produce viscosity, which can be written on kraft paper. It is suitable for sealing or covering the lettering of export cartons.
Precautions for kraft paper tape
1. Please remove the water mark, stain and oil stain on the surface of the adhesive before use.
2. Do not use this tape as insulating tape.
3. Don't stick directly to people's skin.
4. The tape should be placed in a cool place to avoid light.
Usage of wet kraft paper tape
1. First, prepare scissors, water and packed items;
2. Then use scissors to reduce the length of the tape to the appropriate length;
3. Then use prepared water to stick to the tape to make it sticky.
4. Finally, the adhesive tape full of water will be spread on the surface of the object to be stuck, and then it will be firmly pasted after the water is dry.
Raw material characteristics of kraft paper tape
1. Corresponding to a variety of forming methods, with good formability, dimensional accuracy.
2. It has excellent thermal sealing performance with the upper sealing tape.
3. It has stable conductivity and protects the load from static electricity.
4. It is easy to confirm the transparency of the load with the naked eyes.
5. Compared with the previous PC series sheet, it has high strength and can be ultra-thin.
6. There is less dust on the surface or edge of the sheet, which will not pollute the load.
Wet kraft paper tape is mainly made of imported kraft paper as the base material, and then modified starch as the adhesive. After it takes up water, it can produce strong viscosity, and then it can seal the carton firmly

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