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Is kraft paper tape waterproof?

Article provenance:未知 Popularity:Time:2020-05-05 22:19
Wet kraft paper tape manufacturer analysis, kraft paper tape waterproof this problem is also a lot of customers asked, today to tell you whether kraft paper tape can waterproof, can really have waterproof function, the following is to solve the mystery for you.
The waterproof of kraft paper tape has a certain relationship with the performance of kraft paper tape, and the performance depends on the manufacturing materials of kraft paper tape. Generally, the manufacturing materials of kraft paper tape are wood pulp, but wood pulp is also divided into many kinds of wood pulp. Some kraft paper tape made of wood pulp will indeed play a waterproof role, but the kraft paper tape made of ordinary recycled pulp is fundamentally There is no waterproof function.
Can kraft paper tape be as waterproof as you think? Even if it is put in water, it's no problem. In fact, it's not the same. Kraft paper tape is still a paper product. It's impossible to soak in water for a long time without being wet by water.
If it is really this effect, then this kind of kraft paper tape should be coated on the surface, so it plays a waterproof function.
All in all, kraft paper tape can play a certain waterproof effect, but it has always been a paper product, and it is certainly impossible to compare with plastic, which we need to understand clearly.

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