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Introduction to the printed effect of wet kraft paper tape

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Kraft paper tape is widely used in industrial packaging, life and other industries because of its green characteristics and retro style. Kraft paper tape has the advantages of hard and strong texture, good toughness, wear resistance, not easy to tear and break, but not all kraft paper surface materials are the same. There are red kraft paper tape There are red kraft paper tape, white kraft paper, yellow kraft paper, brown kraft paper and primary color kraft paper on the front. The appearance of these kraft paper tapes is different, but the treatment of surface coating is also different, and the smoothness is different. The paper surface is rough, which is easy to show the phenomenon of up warping, down peeling, peeling.
Therefore, different printing requirements are different for different kraft paper materials. If the four colors of printing and the ink level area are relatively large, it is suggested to use the outer surface coating to compare the smooth and lubricated kraft paper. In this way, the effect of printing is relatively clear, and the text part is relatively clear. If the kraft paper with a slightly rough appearance is used, the effect of printing is relatively small It's very vague. The ink is soaked in.
1、 Choose the material of kraft paper
There are many kinds of kraft paper. For single-sided kraft paper, most of the printing is to print the front side of kraft paper tape, that is, the side coated and lubricated. But there are many colors on the front side, such as red in Russia, white in Liwen single-sided Kraft linerboard, and dark in our color. Therefore, if white is printed, Liwen niuyuan will be white The effect of paper printing is much better. If the effect of paper printing in other countries is compared with our proofing, it is not white enough. After all, the face paper is a little red, and the white printed does not have that kind of white effect, but the Liwen Kraft linerboard is different. The white printed words are very clear, on the contrary, the white printed words on the kraft paper are somewhat vague A master in the same ink printing condition.
So proofing is very important. We provide three kinds of paper proofing for customers. Customers print a Christmas box, which needs to be mounted. The printing area is about 85% of the whole kraft paper. There are white patterns and white words. The effect of ricin kraft paper is much better than that of other kraft paper. If it is printing other red, blue and green, Yellow and so on, of course, the effect of kraft paper in other countries will be better, so we still choose paper based on the effect of customer proofing.
2、 Choose the thickness grams of kraft paper
The gram number of kraft paper is generally changed from 60g to 450g, and the effect of printing is different with different gram numbers. For example, 120g kraft paper is easier to wave than thick kraft paper because it is thinner than thin kraft paper. It may be a little damp when it is cut out, and it is rainy at the latest. The kraft paper cut out is high on one side and low on the other. As a result, it is on the printing machine It will wrinkle, and the uneven end will wrinkle. Because of the uneven wave, it is easy to wrinkle after the press cylinder is pressed. For example, 300g Kraft linerboard is very flat after cutting, and the printing press will not wrinkle any more.
3、 The choice of kraft paper grain
Kraft paper has lines, including horizontal lines and vertical lines. Generally, if kraft paper does not need to be mounted in pits, it does not need to pay attention to the lines of kraft paper. If customers need to be mounted in pits, they need to pay attention to the lines of kraft paper. For example, the kraft paper with an accuracy of 787 * 1092mm, normally we use 787 rolls, that is, 1092 lines, and will not use 1092mm rolls to cut 787 at all Length, unless specifically stated by the customer. If the kraft paper mounting paper is to stagger the grain, the kraft paper is 787*1092mm, and the pit paper is to use 1092*787mm. In this way, the grain staggered mounting together not only increases the hardness of the box, but also does not reveal the pit, which enhances the hardness and beauty.

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