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What is wet water kraft paper tape?

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The following content is introduced by the kraft tape manufacturers, wet kraft tape is mainly based on kraft paper, and then with modified starch as adhesive
The manufacture of tape, must wet water front can produce adhesive energy, can stop writing on kraft paper, the industry is commonly known as re-wet kraft paper adhesive tape.
Generally applicable to export carton seal or cover carton writing. Kraft tapes are classified as water-free kraft tapes and wet buffalo tapes, wet water
Kraft paper adhesive can be used for printing (kraft paper adhesive tape).
Wire wet - water kraft paper tape is mainly based on stiffened kraft paper, and then modified starch as adhesive to be non - toxic, tasteless, non - corrosive
High strength glass fiber intermediate diamond and longitudinal composite fiber tape.
Its wet water can produce a strong viscosity, also can stop the carton strong seal, is generally in line with the international trend of environmental protection tape.
Wire Wet water paper tape also known as wire wet rubber paper, wet water fiber kraft paper tape, wet water sandwich kraft tape.
Wet kraft paper tape tensile strength, tensile strength, not easy to break, wet water before no viscosity, wet water after the production of viscosity, can be written on kraft paper
Write and print typography for LOGO or company LOGO titles.
After wet water has a strong initial adhesion, strong tensile strength, temperature resistance and other characteristics, its substrate and adhesive will not constitute pollution to the environment, and can be recycled with the packaging application.
Wet water paper tape is mainly used for sealing various corrugated cardboard boxes, plastic boxes, export carton seals or cover carton writing. Mainly used for packaging, sealing, etc.

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