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What are the advantages of wet water kraft paper tape?

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Nowadays, we usually use wet kraft paper tape when we stop sealing cartons. Why? Let's understand today,
Why should we use wet kraft paper tape to stop sealing?
1. Wet kraft paper tape is a kind of environmental protection data, which can be degraded.

When recycling cartons, it does not need to stop disposal alone, but can be recycled directly through the manufacturer's benefit
It can reduce the cost of consumption by making pulp.
2. The wet kraft paper tape also has a very good adhesion, will not be affected by temperature and humidity,

and is not easy to show edge warping, degumming and other conditions in the process of application,
The validity period is longer.
3. Wet kraft paper tape can also stop writing on the surface and make marks, which can reduce cost.
There are other benefits when using wet kraft paper tape. If you want to understand more information, you can continue to pay attention or contact us, we will provide you with
For more information. This paper is provided by wet kraft paper tape manufacturer for reference only.

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