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What are the manufacturing characteristics of kraft paper tape?

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We all know what kind of kraft paper tape is made of. It was made of cow leather long ago
With the development of science and technology, kraft paper has been gradually invented to replace the Kraft, greatly reducing the production of products, and kraft paper tape has also been
It has gradually become a kind of daily necessities, which can be used in many places in life, with good effect. Let's come together today
What are the manufacturing and characteristics of kraft paper tape?
In general, the kraft paper tape we use is made of kraft paper as the basic material, and then the surface is coated with abnormal adhesion
Agent, stop drying and manufacturing, its viscosity is very good, the bonding time is relatively long, the performance is very good, deeply received by customers
I love it. In addition, kraft paper is used, so after the tape is made, its tensile property is very good and it is not easy to break,
It is also not affected by the climate, and the materials used in the manufacture of kraft paper tape are all environmental friendly materials, such as kraft paper glue
Belt is an environmental protection product.
Kraft paper tape needs to be manufactured through various processes in the process of consumption, and its service life and performance are greatly improved
Improve, but its application scope has certain limitations, so pay attention to avoid affecting the property of kraft paper tape when purchasing
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