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About Industrial Kraft linerboard!

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Wet kraft paper tape factory introduced that Kraft card paper is not common in our life, maybe many people do not understand kraft paper very well, we can simply introduce kraft paper first.
There are many kinds of kraft linerboard, which can be divided into ordinary linerboard, single linerboard, etc. it is used in electronic factory, food packaging and other packaging paper.
Kraft linerboard consumption technology is simple and easy according to different varieties.
For example, the consumption technology of white kraft paper is higher than that of other kinds of kraft paperboard, and the manufacturing process is more complex.
Ordinary people think that Kraft linerboard is not used very well. In fact, the industry also uses Kraft linerboard. What kind of kraft linerboard does the industry use?
Kraft linerboard is mainly used for packaging of cartons in the industrial industry. It is commonly used for packaging of some foods. Kraft linerboard is used in printing and packaging factories, carton factories, garment factories, hardware factories, building materials factories, electrical appliances factories and electronic factories.
The quality of kraft linerboard in China's domestic market is not particularly good compared with that in foreign markets. However, with the technology of manufacturing kraft paper becoming more and more mature, the quality of kraft paper also began to gradually improve, and kraft expenditure in the industry began to become more and more common application.

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